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Style—for me—has nothing to do with fashion. Style means the courage to have its own character, to commit it to your own personality. In contrast, fashion is just designing modern things to wear and consume them. Tom Ford

Consider your public image in the same way!

The aim is recognizing the character of clients and strengthen their personality, so they are able to use their strengths successfully.

Individual solutions for each client are in demand!

Rebel-Management Training® (founded 2000). We develop integral strategies for companies and individuals. Press releases, newsletters, internal corporate communications, colours and concepts for websites and your employees -  they all should speak the same language!

Based on the scientific background of sociology, psychology, education, sports and health management, we take a complete view, so that no area of the company and the individual is forgotten.

We show profile to boost your profile!

the difference

What can you expect

The individual is the most important. We develop strategies that match your company.
Our work is based on honesty, loyalty and competence in everything we offer!
For you, we are unprejudiced when we take a look at the actual situation, realistic in the target definition and ambitiously engaged at the implementation. Our main focus lies on the holistic optimization of existing resources in context of your personal environment.

Who works holistically uses the potential for success!
You differ from your competitors, and that's good!


Training means to expand existing capabilities and see  potential use. Courage to authenticity, to your own profile, increasing self confidence and belief in the own abilities, supported by theory and practically implemented.

We support you as long as you want! - Your success is our goal!