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for companies

Public image and corporate identity, analysis and optimization

  • brand behavior: develop a living philosophy and strengthening your foreign and inner image
  • corporate behavior: the positive recognition of your company (team building, personnel selection and - optimization, customer loyalty, executive training)
  • only in german:  Text consultancy and design for print and web (impact and actual statements of company brochures, websites, press releases, newsletters, mailings, optimization, and ghost-writing)
  • moving image: Your image-film, your slide-show

for individuals

image, rethoric, language and body language, style, clothing, authenticity

  • perceived value: rhetoric and body language, self-assessment and outside assessment
  • selfconfidence-training: Coaching for speeches, press conference, presentation, negotiations and job applications
  • transformational Leadership: Enhancing your personal profile to be a charismatic ethic based leader
  • health management- create your personal performance plan
  • personal appearance: Fashion can be bought - you have to have style - Optimization  - Consulting & Design (