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combinations and variations are possible

success with language and appearance

design your own image

Authenticity and consistency, sovereignty and power of persuasion. These properties are commonly regarded as the key for success: who doesn't want these ? Especially when dealing with customers a reliable, personalized CI (corporate identity) is essential. The better fits yout image and corporate design, the more coherent is the remembered picture - the easier you remain in a pleasant memory for your customers.


rhetoric and body language

how to use language profitably

Boring and read off speeches belong to the hated image of all listeners. Why authenticity is important, what happens during a speech to the speaker and how to bind the public with simple means in itself, without limiting yourself.


in-house advertising - modesty is not always a virtue!

Studies show: We like to buy from successful companies. Use your own successes and implement them useful in scene is not always easy. Don't act black or white: On the one hand, you can hide your competence and successes hoping that others rwill ecognize them, or you start beeing a poser. In between black and white lays your success.


character traits of success - the potential of your own personality

Winner is, who gets up once more than fall down. Important people have always had visions and were well, despite numerous setbacks, not distract from their projects. Why the attitude contributes to the achievement more than the sum of investment capital available and what features you need in the long run to get through hard times successfully, you will hear.


dress for success - own style or old rules?

Who shows toes is incompetent. Even at 40° degree, you have to wear stockings! Men always have to wear blue or gray. Still circulating old prejudices concerning the business dress code. Some have actually justified, others are outdated and certainly not fit for every business. Clothes make the man and a real impression is important. But not all rules apply to everyone! What really makes sense?


emotional loyalty - soulstriptease and the customer remains!

If everything is interchangeable - services, products and vendors, then you should make a decisive advantage to yourself! Emotional loyalty bring people together and the relationship between suppliers and (potential) buyers is in the foreground. Recognize the benefits that lay in the uniqueness of your person and hear why the customer appreciates them. After the lecture, you see the bogey of our time with a smile: pricing pressures and price erosion, disloyalty and lack of product breadth of satisfied customers and smaller suppliers You know you have something valuable to offer.


fat makes you fat? - nutrition lies and how to stay slim?

Fat makes you fat? Which diet lies and how we are circulating, this is only one of the themes of this lecture. Learn how you can eat sensible and healthy without losing any benefit to have and why oils, fats and butter, as well as coffee and meat are not as bad as its reputation. Mens sana in corpore sano is quite true, but not everything that we believe should be done.


for companies and teams, public and in-house

speak efficiently!

convey important content certainly to audiences - everytime.

Presentations and speak publicliy has been a part of our daily life. For coworkers, for bosses, in meetings or when you're looking for a job, you always have to present yourself and your ideas.  In such cases and situations, the audience decides wheter it believes or not, believes in you, your listings and trust in your business. The more sovereign and better equiped a presentation is, the sooner you come closer to the desired result. But - in many cases, the lack of preparation, the stage fright or the theme, you has to give a speech about, makes coolness not easy. Learn how to deal with stage fright and audience.

right presentations

how to give a presentation with the right resources

A nearly normal procedure: You or your employee / assistant prepares your important PowerPoint presentations content and visual tools, which will be presented by other people. It's very important that everything runs perfectly. The important information should be organized clearly and easy to understand. Many times there are too much information and too many picture in these kind of presentations, prepared by other people. The audience is going to be overwhelmed, but unfortunately not in a positive way. Change it!  It don't has to be like this! Through this seminar the participants, learn, what content is really important, which pictures help to understand the content. Secure base for the success of your presentation!

confidence Training

how you can avoid certain mistakes, pitfalls and emotional missteps

Major requirements to your knowledge and expertise are there today, however, the knowledge will persuade only in combination with sensitivity, tact, respect, assertiveness and empathy. This combination means real sovereignty! There exist many enemies against such a desirable sovereignty: Lack of confidence, negative experiences you made already, biographical experiences, "beliefs" of education - and much more.
Learn to hear your inner voice - the good and the bad one - and then become better and better.

self-assessment and external-assessment

my counterpart as a mirror

Which effect do you take on others? Which first impression do you give?  Which feedback do you get often? One can never know exactly, you develop a picture about these questions with the feedbacks from your environment. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations in the self and external assessment, however, just often lead to misunderstandings, which, if they are there, prohibit that you can get the clear image about yourself. Here, the seminar starts. It is suitable especially for team building or mergers of companies, when several people should suddenly work well together and don't have a long time to  become  acquainted  with  each other

body Language

what does your counterpart tells you?

Do you know why you should be aware of your feet if you want to know whether you are being lied to? What is the pinnocchio syndrome and how can your posture help you to feel confident or convince others in difficult situations? How can you improve the impact of your voice and how can you use eye contact effectively? Why is "yes" sometimes "no" - and not just with the female gender? Do you know the convincing factor which lays in your body language? Do you know, that you can see in the eyes of another person, if you contribute likeable? All these issues will be discussed in the context of this seminar - you will see people with other eyes!

find customers - keep customers

find your personal target, convince through competence and charisma, combine this with your personality -  bind your customers permanently

This seminar will help you identify your personal strengths and use them profitably to address your audience appropriately. Find customers and keep bind them to your person and your business. Authenticity, sovereignty and power of persuasion! Customers stay customers, when you show them something about you, what fits to them and your business - we will strengthen these qualities in common!

communication in teams

understanding and success in working groups

Face to face communication is and remains an essential part of working life. The more efficient joint talk time is used - for example in team meetings and meetings and brainstorming events, but also in the discussion of possible approaches and implement change, the faster one could come to a solution. Success can be adequately measured. Jointly defined goals can be reached sooner. Operational practice shows that good conversation is regarded as an essential key skill of a manager. 

reliable team success

build-up seminar on communication in teams

Base of any good team work are communicative and social skills. Based on these skills many misunderstandings and counterproductive behaviors can be avoided. Despite of these skills, not all critical situations, critical moments and conflicts in situations in which people work together, can be entirely avoided. Especially critical situations requiring a high degree of sensitivity, emotional intelligence, human knowledge and empathy. In this seminar, which constitutes the build-up-seminar to communication in teams, you will see how to use these capabilities and potentials.


employer loyalty and branding through authentic leadership

Leadership is successful when social skills and emotional intelligence are combined with professional expertise. Take responsibility, make decisions and enforce them, is not an easy task, but a challenge you can accept (this will be easier with the knowledge of the most important foundations). Many, and especially typical errors can be avoided if you invest in the interpersonal training. The same problems arise in professional practice, and often find their origin in interpersonal relationships. Objectives must be clearly defined and well communicated, employees need to understand management and vice versa, and ultimately a good manager must be able to exercise empathy and gain respect through a natural authority.