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we differ to enable your customers to differ, too!

Does the image you have of yourself match the image, others have of you?

Everyone sends messages - in print, on the web and through personal appearance and behaviour. What associations do your messages evoke?

  • Do you convey a genuine image with each appearance?
  • Do you act confidently, even when challenged?
  • How could the colours you use be interpreted?
  • Does your rhetoric and body language correspond with your true intentions?

Authenticity wins and can be trained. Your success will prove this!

What we can do for you

Consulting, speeches, seminars, coaching, image-films, slide-shows

  • Company presentation: Importance of PR and Corporate Identity. Analysis and optimization.
  • Text advice and design for print and web: Company brochures, websites, press releases, newsletters, mailings
  • Live-Image: Image-films, slideshows and commercials for companies
  • Corporate behaviour: team building, personnel selection and optimization, customer loyalty, leadership training
  • Personal appearance: image, rhetorik, language and body language, style and clothing
  • Sovereignty training: for application, job-fairs, press conference, presentation, speech
  • Internal conditions: health and fitness management for corporations and individuals